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How to Grow and take care for Outdoor Bonsai Trees

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Author: Kathleen Lori Growing bonsai trees are a reproduction of basically a natural tree but only miniature. Thus it requires basic bonsai tree care in order for it to grow properly since they are absolutely dependent on you for their proper care. Whether you choose to buy bonsai trees or grow them from seeds which will make you wait for an awfully long time before you see the actual result, you will need the fundamental knowledge of bonsai tree care in order for you to have success in this form of art - growing bonsai tree. (more…)
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Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Care

Ficus Ginseng – care
Author: GregHal This ficus has thick trunks and strong roots that make it one of the hardiest plants to bonsai. If you are interested in the bonsai hobby, I would strongly recommend starting with this tree. Although the ginseng ficus bonsai can be brought outdoors for some fresh air from time to time, it is not necessary. The ginseng ficus should be kept indoors all year round where it gets indirect sunlight. If you set your bonsai in direct sunlight, the intense lighting will burn the leaves. The temperature where you are keeping your ficus should never fall below 65 degrees since it likes to be in warm climate. (more…)
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