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Advice for watering your Ficus Ginseng!

Ficus retusa Ginseng

One of the main reasons for which Ficus Ginseng trees are ideal for beginners, is, not only that these trees are particularly resistant to disease and pests, but also that they are less delicate when it comes to watering.

In practical terms this means that, whereas other bonsai trees may not survive if their owner forgets to water them on time, the Ficus Ginseng could make it (it can survive mild drought conditions, as it stores and soaks up water through its roots)… That said, you should never forget to water your bonsai tree!

Misting also is very important! Ginseng ficus plants respond very well to misting. For better results gardeners should mist these trees with water from a spray bottle every day. However, you also need to make sure that the soil is dry, as these trees grow very well if the soil is never allowed to dry out. So water every 2 – 3 weeks during the spring and summer (ginseng ficus bonsai trees need to be watered more frequently when it is warm) and then reduce the amount of watering in the autumn and winter months. Remember that the misting should take place every day!

Be careful, however. The right amount of water is something you learn with experience, but there are also signs to look for: bonsai trees which do not get enough water will begin to turn yellow in colour, whereas an excess of water can cause ginseng ficus roots to rot, so you need to find the right balance! (as a general rule, use 1/3 of a cup of water, then pour slowly at the base of the bonsai. Make sure that you don’t overwater, and also check that the water doesn’t stay at the bottom of the glass container ).

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