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On this page we can view a selection of videos associated with the art of Ficus Ginseng gardening.

See examples of fine bonsai trees, and learn tips from the experts!


 How to turn a Ginseng Ficus into a real Bonsai Tree


Ginseng Ficus Revisit


Beginner Ficus


How To Bonsai – Create Root Over Rock


Bonsai Tree Styling – A Yew Saved From The Log Pile


The Bonsai Art of Japan – Episode 1


Place – Japanese Bonsai Garden at the National Arboretum


Gorgeous Bonsai Trees


How to Grow Bonsai Trees : How to Make your Own Bonsai : Bonsai Lessons for…


Bonsai Techniques – Air Layering


Prune this: Ficus ginseng overgrown and in need of a trim and a prune!