Preparing Moss and Lichens for Bonsai use

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Author - David Sweet Many bonsai can benefit from the introduction of moss and lichens--benefit in both an aesthetic and horticultural sense. Most deciduous plantings thrive with the dressings which grow extremely well beneath the shading of the trees, soil erosion is minimised, and the soil does not dry out as rapidly. This "cooperative" relationship benefits the Elm, Boxwood, Japanese Holly, Azalea, Maple, Cypress, pines and a number of Australian natives as well. In fact any bonsai preferring a damp growing medium and requiring an element to keep the planting's soil in place will benefit from moss covering. The most important aspect to remember is the aesthetic element and the moss' suitability to your bonsai planting. If it doesn't look good, don't use it. For example, the scale and colour…
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