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How to Grow and take care for Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Author: Kathleen Lori

Growing bonsai trees are a reproduction of basically a natural tree but only miniature. Thus it requires basic bonsai tree care in order for it to grow properly since they are absolutely dependent on you for their proper care.

Whether you choose to buy bonsai trees or grow them from seeds which will make you wait for an awfully long time before you see the actual result, you will need the fundamental knowledge of bonsai tree care in order for you to have success in this form of art – growing bonsai tree.

With proper bonsai tree care, your plant will grow healthy and more like a woven masterpiece rather than just a plant. You will then be able to appreciate the beauty it can bring you. Below are some instructions on proper growing and basic bonsai tree care.

1 – Positioning

It is important that you know placement of your bonsai tree that will enable it to have the necessary things needed for survival such as light and humidity. You will also need to take necessary precautions during the seasons for proper bonsai tree care. Basically, throughout spring, summer and fall you can put your tree on the patio, balcony, and terrace or garden whichever you prefer. On winter season however, bonsai trees are in the dormant stage so they don’t really need light but will require watering.

2 – Watering

You should never neglect water as part of the proper bonsai tree care. Bonsai soil should not be completely dry since humidity is necessary. If your tree receives direct sunlight, it may be possible to water it once daily but this can vary with the size of your pot, soil type and the variety of bonsai tree that you are growing or caring for.

3 – Trimming and Pinching

You should never remove all the new growth because they are necessary to maintain and sustain the overall health of your tree. Trim and pinch to the farthest safe point. Some varieties of bonsai trees will require periodic trimming and pinching. Since bonsai trees grow at a different rate, you need to evaluate this growth rate in order for you to adjust the trimming and pinching schedule.

4 – Repotting

Periodical repotting should be done to ensure proper bonsai tree care. Repotting will ensure that your tree will have continuous supply of fresh soil to enable it to develop a more compact root system. Some trees need repotting once every two or three years while some need repotting once every four or five years which really depend on the rate of the growth of the bonsai tree.

Growing bonsai trees will entail a lot of effort and work on your part but you will be able to appreciate its beauty once it has been taken cared of properly. Many people have already taken interest in growing bonsai trees and have been putting up different practices when trying to grow and care for a specific variety of the bonsai tree.

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