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Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Care

Author: GregHal

This ficus has thick trunks and strong roots that make it one of the hardiest plants to bonsai. If you are interested in the bonsai hobby, I would strongly recommend starting with this tree.

Although the ginseng ficus bonsai can be brought outdoors for some fresh air from time to time, it is not necessary. The ginseng ficus should be kept indoors all year round where it gets indirect sunlight. If you set your bonsai in direct sunlight, the intense lighting will burn the leaves. The temperature where you are keeping your ficus should never fall below 65 degrees since it likes to be in warm climate.

You should water your bonsai moderately allowing the soil dry out in between watering, but not for an extended period of time. During the summer, you are going to need to water more frequently. Daily misting will do wonders for your bonsai tree. If you start noticing the leaves of your ginseng ficus are turning yellow, it is a good indication that you are not watering enough.

You should repot this bonsai every two to three years with new soil to replenish the nutrient availability. When repotting, make sure to cut back a third of the roots to prevent root bound. Also, do not prune or trim your bonsai a month within repotting to avoid over shocking the bonsai. The ginseng ficus should be repotted during early spring before its growth spurt.

The ficus will naturally grow stems of uneven lengths over the year which can be trimmed to instigate new growth. By trimming the longer stems, the bonsai will appear more compact and fuller giving your bonsai a more desirable expression.

You should not fertilize your bonsai within a month after fertilizing. Many bonsai owners have found that organic fertilizer containing chicken manure is one of the best bonsai foods available. The ginseng ficus only needs to be fed from spring to fall when the most growth occurs.

Justin Guo is an experienced bonsai grower with over twenty years of experience. For more information on bonsai care, visit Justin’s site and learn about the ginseng ficus bonsai

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