Preparing Moss and Lichens for Bonsai use

Author – David Sweet Many bonsai can benefit from the introduction of moss and lichens–benefit in both an aesthetic and horticultural sense. Most deciduous plantings thrive with the dressings which grow extremely well beneath the shading of the trees, soil erosion is minimised, and the soil does not dry out as rapidly. This “cooperative” relationship [...]

Why are my Ficus Ginseng’s leaves yellow/brown?

There are a number of possible reasons for this colour change in your Ficus Ginseng. Let’s start with something which might not be a problem: your Ficus Ginseng tree is going dormant just like the big ones in the woods because of the time of year. Otherwise… Not enough light: insufficient exposure to high-quality light [...]

Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Care

Author: GregHal This ficus has thick trunks and strong roots that make it one of the hardiest plants to bonsai. If you are interested in the bonsai hobby, I would strongly recommend starting with this tree. Although the ginseng ficus bonsai can be brought outdoors for some fresh air from time to time, it is [...]